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The best pegs for your supermoto!

For all years of construction before 2017 (KTM EXC / Husqvarna and Husaberg FE)


Product includes:

  • 4 x pegs made of high-strength, high-alloy EN-AW 7075 aluminum milled and black anodized.
  • 4 x milled end caps/sliders
  • 2 x 10.9 galvanized steel threaded rods from industrial supplies
  • 2 x 10.9 zinc plated steel nuts
  • 2 x 10.9 Steel Zinc Plated Washers



  • Custom CNC machined parts that sit over the axle nuts
  • The fork is not damaged at the front right because a recess has been milled into the peg for this purpose
  • Each peg fits perfectly and is centered on the axis
  • The extra strong 10.9 threaded rods reduce the risk of bending or damaging to an absolute minimum.
  • We chose nylon for the sliders instead of the commonly used POM. Although nylon is much more difficult to work with, it cannot break. Perfect for our high-quality, CNC-milled sliders.
  • The innovative fastening of the sliders ensures that the pegs can be dismantled in 2 movements each time.
  • The nuts can be loosened with any nut. No long nut is needed
  • Only the best materials available on the market are used in the set
  • The pegs are anodized, so no paint or powder can break off during assembly or a crash
  • Designed and manufactured with BRUUDT CNC to achieve the best balance of stability and weight
  • The complete set weighs 1066 g (front 498 g rear 568 g)


Where does our product fit?

It is planned to manufacture the pegs for all models from KTM/Husqvarna/Honda/Suzuki/Husaberg/Yamaha.

This series fits up to year of construction 2017, because our pegs go over the axle nuts and are guided in the axles. As of 2017, KTM has changed these measurements.


Here are some dimensions to check before purchasing:

  • Rear Axle Nut: 27mm
  • Front Axle Nut: 27mm
  • Rear axle inner diameter: min. 12 mm 
  • Front left axle inner diameter: min. 25.5 mm


Assembly instructions forDownload

Supermoto Crash Pegs

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